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Pacific Veterinary HouseCalls is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate care for terminally ill pets in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Philosophy:


The loss of a pet is a deeply personal experience, based on the unique relationship that each person shares with their own pet.  Whether your cat or dog has been recently diagnosed with a terminal condition or has been deteriorating over a period of time, our goal is to work together with you to prevent your pet from suffering near the end of life, and, when the time comes, to make this transition as peaceful as possible.


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Why Home Care?


For some dogs and most cats, car travel for even short distances can be stressful or even painful, depending on their own personality and ongoing medical condition(s).  Professional in-home visits by a mobile veterinarian eliminate the need to travel, and help to reduce your pet’s anxiety.

In pet hospice, your house call veterinarian can help to improve your pet's quality of life not only through medical management of symptoms and illnesses, but also by helping you modify the home environment so that it is easier for the pet and the family to navigate through the changes taking place during end of life care. 

When it comes to pet euthanasia, the privacy and comfort of home can help reduce stress for you and your pet.  It allows you to celebrate the life of your pet and grieve their passing in your own way. 

Compassionate in-home pet hospice and euthanasia.

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