Pacific Veterinary HouseCalls is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate care for terminally ill pet companions in the comfort of their own homes.

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The loss of a pet is a deeply personal experience, based on the unique relationship that each person shares with their pet companion.  Whether the pet has been recently diagnosed with a terminal condition or has been deteriorating over a period of time, our goal is to work together with the pet owner to prevent suffering near the end of life, and, when the time comes, to make this transition as peaceful as possible.

Why Home Care?

For some pets car travel for even short distances can be stressful or even painful, depending on their own personality and ongoing medical condition(s).

Professional in-home visits eliminate the need to travel, and help to reduce the pet’s anxiety.

When to Put Your Dog down Checklist

It’s never an easy job to say good-bye to your best friend. If you are unable to decide when to put your dog down, then you can use a “when to put your dog down checklist” to make a decision. Several signs indicate that it’s time to leave your beloved dog. We will discuss when to put your dog down signs in detail.  This detailed checklist can help you handle this painful situation.

When you ask veterinarians for their opinion, they come with a series of questions known as the “Quality of Life Scale.” Remember, there is no specific number when to put your old dog down. We will discuss all the signs, and you can decide yourself when you have to say good-boy to your best friend.

What Is the Quality of Life Scale?

put your old dog downVet use this scale to gauge your pets' physical and mental health to decide whether your pets can continue their life or not? Moreover, this scale can also help to create when to put your old dog down checklist.

  • If the total score is above 80, it means that your pet is happy and healthy.
  • If the total score is between 36 and 79, it means an acceptable quality of life.
  • In case the score is below 35, it means that your dog’s life quality is poor, and it’s time to consider euthanasia.

When to Put Your Dog down Signs

These below-given signs can help you decide when to put your dog down.

  1. Changed Behavior

Pay attention to your pet, and notice if there are any behavior changes. If something isn’t well, then you will recognize a changed behavior. If your active dog becomes sluggish, it is an indicator that there are some issues. You don’t need to put your dog down based on these behavior changes. Some signs to look for are whether your pet is refusing to food and attention. Moreover, your dog starts to hide for long periods and become irrationally aggressive are all the signs of changed behavior.

  1. Crying and Whining

Dogs often cry when they are in some sort of discomfort. So, you need to pay attention to how often your dog whine and cry? When dogs are in pain, they become defensive and aggressive. This pain can result in anger. If you are witnessing these emotions change, then it’s time to visit a vet.

when to put your old dog down

  1. Eating and Drinking Routine 

You have to notice each and everything to decide when to put your old dog down. You need to create a diary to track the eating routine of your dog. If you see unusual eating and drinking behavior, it’s an indicator that your dog isn’t feeling well. If your dog stops eating and does this for two to three days, you need to visit a vet.

You can try some special methods to feed your dog. For example, feed your pet by hand. Furthermore, if health conditions are not good such as your dog finding it difficult to swallow, you need to buy feeding tubes. Take your dog to the vet and ask for treatment if there is an issue.

  1. Lack of Mobility

It’s another vital sign that can help you decide if it’s time to say good-bye to your dog. Sometimes dogs are unable to move freely due to weakness, and it’s a sign that your dog needs urgent medical help. Moreover, it’s time to consider in-home dog euthanasia

  1. Emotional State

The emotional state of your dog can help you decide whether your dog’s stay at your home is over. Closely examine the behavior changes and try to find the reasons behind this change. Try to identify whether your pet enjoys taking part in activities or seems anxious and scared most of the time. Another factor for change in emotional state can be dementia. Dementia can significantly affect the life quality of your dog. So, the emotional state of your dog can help you decide if it’s time to put your dog down.

  1. Participation in Activities

Pets love to play and interact with people. If you are witnessing a change and your pet is reluctant to participate in family activities, it’s time to take action. These signs can help you decide your next move.

  1. Best Options for Your Pet

Never be selfish and make an unbiased decision. If you don’t want your dog to suffer from pain and discomfort, you need to consider in-home dog euthanasia. Euthanasia drugs are either injection or pills, but both have the same functionality.

  1. Cost to Put Your Dog Down

If you have decided to put your dog down and want to do this in a clinic, it will cost you around $40 to $140. If you want in-home dog euthanasia, then the price will be high and the price will be somewhere about $80 to $130. Remember, this price is only for euthanasia, and there will be some additional charges as well, such as cemetery spot, exam fee, and cremation.

  1. It’s Time to Say Good-Bye

If the signs are getting worse and the dog's mental and physical health is below the minimum score of 30, then it’s time to say good-bye to your best friend. Moreover, consult a vet about your dog’s health before letting him go. As mentioned in the start, it’s not easy to put your dog down, but you have to do it, so prepare yourself for it. Before doing this, spend time with your dog. Show love and respect until the last moment.


When you bring a dog at home, you try hard to give the love and affection that you dog needs. You welcome your dog with an open heart and make your pet the part of your family. When it comes to putting your old dog down, it hurts because leaving a family member is never easy. Deciding about when to get your dog down is a difficult decision. When to put your old dog down checklist can make it easy to decide.